Unexpected Unique Cottage in The Middle of a Forest

At a glance this house looks like an abandoned old building in the middle of a forest. Who would have thought, this house is a unique concept lodging. Located in the Redwood Forest, Cazadero, California, homes that are more suitable to be called cabins are rented out as a place to relax while on vacation. Away from the crowds, the cabin area is surrounded by shady redwood trees. Read More

46 Unique Color Palletes Combinations To Inspire You (34)

46 Unique Color Palletes Combinations to Inspire You

Colors on living room walls may make a room appear large or little. Be sure the entire room isn’t painted in a dark color since it will produce the place look dingy and dark. You might not be in a position to determine the paint color for a living room just by viewing the color pallet. Before you pick your living room paint colors, it is essential that you know the science of colors and color psychology, because colors directly impact our moods and feelings. Read More