40+ Nice Beadboard Designs For Your Bathrooms

Beadboard isn’t just lovely yet it increases the value of the room. First of all, you need to prep the bathroom. Secure the floor, ledge and tub with paper, plastic or drop materials as this will get somewhat chaotic. Expel all washroom frill that you can.

For our situation we expelled the old fired paper holder and towel bars. We chose to run with new chrome embellishments. Contingent upon the stature you need to introduce the beadboard you may likewise need to expel the mirrors, electrical plates and solution cupboard. We additionally expelled the can tank for a simpler introduce around the pipes channels. Expel the baseboard and shoe forming if relevant. We put in new trim so we evacuated the entryway packaging also yet you don’t need to in the event that you need to re-utilize it.

Here are some final results.

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