40+ Beautiful Californian Style Decorations

A distinct feature of California style houses is with its massive space, each room receives a great amount of sunlight. The living room is usually located at the rear of the home and filled with antiques.  

With this in mind, when it comes to decorating a house window curtains have to be in place in all of the main rooms.  

Window treatments do not mean simply to cover the windows and safeguard your house and the interiors from direct sunlight; it supplies a wonderful appearance and feel to the room too. Window curtains may be used in any room and it’s important to keep in mind that their size and style may not be the exact same for each window. 

Curtains can be fixed with the aid of two rods fixed at the very top and bottom of the window or just have one rod at the top.

Bay window treatment basically depends on what kind of bay window it is. Using drapes and valances as a custom made bay window treatment will certainly add aesthetic appeal to your room, particularly if your bay window extends to the ground and it’s an official room. 

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