30+ Tall Curtain Living Room Designs

To modify the appearance of a room, you may want to install curtains that go past the window frame to produce an illusion of large windows. Before you begin to hang your curtain you must lay your curtain on a table or on the ground to see whether the width is just right. 

For a more upscale appearance, curtain rods can be set up along the surface of the wall, just two or three inches beneath the ceiling. In addition, the curtain rod you select must have brackets that may hold the drapes you desire. 

Furniture has become the most important element in a house because it features a mix of form and function. Before you commence moving furniture around, formulate a strategy that will help you design a well-balanced, functional and lovely room. It’s tough to find space for several furniture in a narrow living room. Position the bookcase with the shelves facing the living area if you will need storage space in the home.

Measure the floor room to establish where the furniture is going to be placed and locate the point for an attic room-dividing curtain. It just because your rooms may be small, doesn’t mean that your furniture has to be dainty unless you’re looking to scale-down the space.

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